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Learn tips and tricks from the professionals at Camino Verde Pet Resort on how to keep your dog happy and healthy. All about nutrition, how to feed your dog, how to trim his nails, how to clean his ears, how to groom your dog, how to bath him, how to treat his pads, first aid for dogs, how to clean your dog’s teeth, how to micro chip, what gear and tools to use, and so much more
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Free Feeding Meal Feeding Dogs

Free Feeding Meal Feeding Dogs The question is: Should you be meal feeding or free feeding your dog? Meal feeding is when you provide your dog with meals at set times of each day. If you do, it is recommended to feed once or twice for adult dogs per day. On puppies, three times per […]

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Dog Ear cleaning

Dog ear cleaning is essential for the health of your dog. Checking your dog’s ears regularly helps to detect need for cleaning early enough to prevent developing an ear infection. In order to prevent infection from developing, it is recommended to clean the inside of the ears once a month. If the dog of a breed […]

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Dog Bedding Dangers

Be aware of Dog Bedding Dangers at all times! Most dog owners want to make their dogs comfortable in a crate of kennel and provide him with a blanket or towel. They also put a piece of clothing of themselves, including socks some times. Toys are left with the dog as well in order to […]

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Dog Nail Trim

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The Dog Nail Trim is recommended to be done about every two months on average. Unless he is spending sufficient amount of time running on hard surface so that his claws are grinded down naturally. If he has due claws though, those of course need to be trimmed regularly as they don’t touch the ground […]

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