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Camino Verde Pet Resort is your one stop facility for all your Pet's needs. Dog and Cat Boarding - Dog and Cat Grooming- Dog Training. Family owned and operated by extremely experienced professionals for more than 25 years. We are proud to create happy clients one at a time by developing personal relationships.

  • Dog Boarding!

    Camino Verde Pet Resort is your place for dog boarding as well as grooming. The owners are certified dog trainers that breed German Shepherds and Rottweilers for more than 20 years. This Dog and Boarding Facility has been in existence at this well established location for over 30 years, founded by Linda Mueller being a certified Vet Technician. Our daily boarding fees ($22.00 per day!) are at the very bottom in comparison to other Dog Boarding Facilities in Tucson. New!!!!

  • Cat Boarding!

    Our quality standards for our services and products are extremely high. We treat your cat as we treat our own. Our team is among the best specialists available. Our goal is always to deliver the highest quality of services that make you come back to Camino Verde Pet Resort only. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance. Our cat boarding is completely separated from the dog boarding section. Camino Verde Pet Resort has the finest Cattery in Tucson. Various size suites for single or multiple cat households. The suites are floor to ceiling screened rooms with resting benches, ceiling fans, outdoor views and secluded from dog areas

  • Dog and Cat Grooming!

    Our highly experienced professional Dog and Cat Groomer will be happy to take care of your pets grooming needs. Bathing and brushing, flea and tick dips, anal glands, ear cleaning, toenail trimming and teeth brushing are featured. As well as a stylish trim or haircut. Grooming rates are based on breed of animal and current condition of coat.

  • What Our Clients Say


    Ricky loves to visit ;Uncle Andreas….he doesn’t even look back when I drop him off. He wags his tail and is ecstatic once we turn into his place. It is a bit sad that he doesn’t miss me, but makes me feel happy and safe that my baby is so well taken care of .


    So impressed with your facility. All the years I have lived and driven by your kennel, I never thought it was open! Gate was always locked and never any vehicles near or around the property. So glad I called you! Marla and Rebekah are wonderful. My greyhounds loved them right away.

    Linda, Gina and Jake

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