Private Dog Training Near Me Tucson

Private Dog Training Near Me Tucson

At Camino Verde Pet Resort, we don’t try to train your dog at the park in a group setting on a Wednesday night. Everybody knows that there is very little or no effect at all on your dog’s behavior. Training in a highly distracting environment can never be successful. Level of distractions have to be geared carefully to the level of training a dog has already received.
We will turn you, the owner, into a trainer. You will not depend on a trainer thereafter, because you will deeply understand communication with your dog!

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More and more often, dog owners in Tucson Arizona contact us after they have been through a non effective Group Dog Training in Tucson Arizona. It seems like a fad, …”we graduated from so and so class”… then come to discover, that the dog actually does not do anything that he is told, after graduating. The dog only semi functions at the particular Dog Training Class Location, but not in a different environment.

Individual “one on one” dog obedience training sessions and / or dog behavior modification. Those classes are available as a package deal. Individually scheduled between you and the trainer at either our facility or a public location of convenience for the trainer and you. Cancelling a dog training session twenty four hours prior to appointment, will NOT make you loose the session. It will just be rescheduled. You are NOT enrolled in a group dog obedience training class schedule.

The sessions purchased within a package are valid for life time of the dog. Each individual session is designed to teach you how to train your dog to perform a particular obedience behavior. You will be introduced to the technique of dog training that fits your dog to learn the quickest with most reliable results. During each dog training session, you will learn and practice, under supervision of the trainer, how to apply the techniques suggested.

The choices available for your dog training needs:
Single session : $95.00
5 session package : $425.00 (all services to be paid in advance)
10 session package : $750.00 (all services to be paid in advance)

The locations are :
Camino Verde Pet Resort (SW side of Tucson)
Marana / Silverbell Park (NW side of Tucson)

Arrange for your first meeting now:
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The dog training behaviors we teach:

  • Here – Come when called
  • Sit – sit and stay until released or “do something else”
  • Down- down and stay until released or “do something else”
  • Heel – come to heel position, stay in heel position until released
  • Sit when I stop during heeling
  • Sit from Down
  • Down from Sit
  • Place – Go to a designated place and stay until released
  • Sit by the door and wait until told to enter
  • Sit by the car door and wait until told to enter
  • Don’t run out when the crate door is opened
  • Don’t jump on people!
  • Use of the doggy door!

We are convinced that no one can train his dog effectively in a Group Dog Training Class, in which twenty people run around a trainer, once a week for ten times.

Therefore we have developed a training program called private dog training in Tucson Arizona, that focus on teaching the owner how to communicate with his dog. Thus, by the end of our private dog training program, you, the owner, will have a complete understanding of how your dog communicates and how to provide information to him that makes him willingly do what you want.

In addition, our concepts and dog training goals are targeting every days’ needs that occur when living with a dog.

Do you want to be on a successful path, obedience training your dog in Tucson Arizona? Do you want to be trained to train your dog? Do you feel that your dog should be under control when he is off leash?

Call or text us today 520-883-8464, text 520-419-0189 Email ask questions and schedule your private dog training in Tucson Arizona today!