Dog Grooming in Tucson SW

Dog Grooming in Tucson 

Have your Dog groomed by our highly experienced professional Dog Groomer who will be happy to take care of your pets grooming needs, and do the trim exactly to your liking.
Bathing and brushing, flea and tick dips, anal glands, ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth brushing are featured single wise or within a grooming package.
Grooming rates are based on the services requested and the individual condition your pet is in. Frequently groomed pets of course take less work than the pets that are only groomed annually!

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Why a dog should be groomed on a regular basis?

Good grooming is more than just having a pretty pet!
Potential health conditions of skin, eyes, ears will be  easily detected or prevented through regular grooming.

Even if your dog doesn’t look particularly scruffy, grooming provides many health benefits for them which may not be immediately obvious.

Matting, if not brushed away regularly can become worse and worse, pulling on the dogs’ skin and creating painful sore patches. Huge sores might develop, which can then get infected, hiding underneath his coat, so if you aren’t closely checking your dog on a regular basis, it may be missed. between their toes where mud and grass seeds can clump and gather, which can cause a lot of discomfort. You can check for any sores, fleas, or general lumps, bumps, scratches, and the condition of their eyes, ears and feet.

My dog doesn’t like being groomed, what should I do?
Always make grooming and handling a pleasant experience, praise your dog and reward with treats if necessary. Choose a time when you are both relaxed, perhaps after a walk when your dog is resting after their exercise. It is always best to groom your dog from an early age, as this is the time when they make associations and choose what they enjoy and what they don’t.

Here is how we care for your dog when booking a grooming at Camino Verde Pet Resort

It is highly recommended to brush your dog several times a week, even if it has short hair. frequently brushing your dog will keep shedding to a minimum and you might get to be aware of any skin problems early- before it gets worse!
Brushing your dog ventilates their coat, helping it grow healthy and strong and takes away old and damaged hair. Grooming also ensures that your dog’s skin can breathe and keeps down the level of grease in their coat. Too much grease can block pores and cause irritation and all sorts of skin problems. Running a brush through their coat acts as a nice massage which promotes healthy blood circulation. Grooming is a great bonding time, the more regularly you do it, the more they’ll get used to it and it should become a soothing relaxing experience for you both- it should not be a struggle.

When your pet gazes up at you with adoring eyes, they should be nice and clear, and shiny and moist-looking. Tell your veterinarian if you see any redness or irritation, or a cloudy eye.
Ear Cleaning on Dogs
Dog’s ears should be cleaned regularly. Every four weeks seems like a great frequency. Once your dog is shaking is head and scratches his ears- the ears definitely need to be cleaned. At this point it might be too late, and an ear infection has already started!
That is why preventative ear cleaning is very important.


Trimming dog’s Nails

Remoisturizing Dog’s skin

Our professional groomer has all of the tools and expertise you are unlikely to have at home. Whether your dog is a shorthaired breed and just needs to be bathed or you own a breed that requires a “hair cut”, grooming is always a great opportunity to get your dog fully checked over. When a forced blow dryer is used to blow the dead hair out and dry the coat, every inch of the dogs skin is inspected fast and thoroughly. We have the right tools to enhance your dog’s coat and can offer a world of advice as to how you can groom your dog at home. Our groomer can advise which products are best, which grooming equipment you may require to best suit your dog’s type of coat.

Many breeds with longer coats require a more thorough grooming and often there are coat styles specific to particular breeds. Our groomer will know which coat styles suit which hairstyles best and will know which products will enhance a dog’s coat the most. It will depend on your dog’s lifestyle and coat as to how regularly you should take your dog to be groomed by a professional. For dogs with long coat it is recommended to keep a two to three months rhythm. Dogs with short coats should be bathed at least every six months, depending on their living environment.

Camino Verde Pet Resort offers complete, professional grooming services at affordable prices for all of your furry friends! 
Grooming rates are based on the services requested and the individual condition your pet is in.
Frequently groomed pets of course take less work than the pets that are only groomed annually!


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