Birds Exotics and Reptiles Boarding

 Birds Exotics and Reptiles Boarding

Birds Exotics and Reptiles Boarding
Bird Boarding

Birds Exotics and Reptiles Boarding

Are you in need of boarding your Bird, Reptile, Ferret, Rabbit, Snake or other kind of Exotic Pet?
Camino Verde Pet Resort still has you covered!
Please give us a call (520-883-8464) and discuss your needs for Exotic Pet Boarding here in Tucson.
Our highly qualified staff will arrange to set up an environment that best suites your Exotic Pet’s needs. Making your pet as comfortable as possible is our highest priority.
Birds, Exotics, and Reptiles are more than welcome here at Camino Verde Pet Resort!

Pricing for boarding exotic animals:
Starting at $7.50 per Pet / per day (prices vary by “kind of Pet” and habitat requirements)

Birds starting at $10.00 per bird / per day (prices vary by habitat requirements)

Make your reservation as early as possible online or phone 520-883-8464
You can also text to 520-419-0189!

An excellent latest example for boarding exotic Pets at our facility:

Boarding five chickens!



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