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Cat Boarding Tucson

Cat Boarding Tucson

Cat Boarding Tucson

Cat Boarding Tucson

Our quality standards for our services and products are extremely high. We treat your cat as we treat our own. Our team is among the best Cat specialists available. Our goal is always to deliver the highest quality of services that make you come back to Camino Verde Pet Resort only. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Camino Verde Pet Resort provides the finest Cattery in Tucson. Various size suites for single or multiple cat households. The suites are floor to ceiling screened rooms with resting benches, ceiling fans, outdoor views and secluded from dog areas. Great care was taken in the design of the cattery to create a pleasant and peaceful boarding experience.

To make your cat’s stay as comfortable as possible you are welcome to bring your cat’s favorite bed, carrier, or food. All of our guests are given lots of love and attention.

Make your reservation as early as possible online or phone 520-883-8464
You can also text to 520-419-0189!


  • Cat boarding one Cat $17.00 per day
  • 2 Cats of same owner in the same room Cat $32.30 per day


Vaccination Policy

Proof of current Feline Leukemia and Rabies vaccination are required on the day of boarding your cat for the first time. Shots will be put on your Cat’s record.

Administering Medications



Oral medications are given at no additional charge as long as they can be administered in food or owner supplied treat.
Eye, ear and skin treatments are given at no charge as long as the pet is cooperative and allows itself to be handled by  the staff.





Cat grooming in Tucson Arizona

Cat Grooming Tucson

We recommend treating your pets with a flea product prior to boarding.
Pets found with fleas will be treated and charged accordingly. Our premises are treated professionally on a monthly basis doing our best to ensure a pest free environment.
Even the cat that only goes outside for a short time every day can pick up unwanted fleas.

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