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Gunner Black Czech Shepherd For Adoption


Gunner Black Czech Shepherd for Adoption

Gunner has found a new home! Our friend Jesus has reached out to us. He is trying to find a new home for his dog that would better suit his dogs needs. We thought we could help him out by creating a post here on our site, and see if anyone out there would be interested in adopting his dog Gunner. A full blooded, black, Czech Shepherd looking for a new home. Here is a message we received from Jesus with a little more of Gunners story…

Good afternoon Andreas, this is Jesus reaching out to you in reference of Gunner! I would like to find him a good home since ours is no longer a good fit. We have tried to fix certain things with gunner, but the truth of the matter is that he needs to be in a home that can accept him as a full time inside Dog. Which has an owner that can be home for a large part of the day especially during monsoons, and any holidays that may use loud bangs to celebrate (i.e. 4th of July and New Years). Gunner will serve someone very well as a protector and most of all an Absolutely Great companionship Dog. Gunners only draw back is if he is left alone for long periods of time and something freaks him out, he will distort doors and moldings trying to get out of the house. Otherwise he’s great.

The reason we have chosen to find him a new home, is because it saddens us to no end to see him live everyday depressed and scared to be alone. Since me and my wife work long hours and cannot give him the attention he needs. Also with him being an inside dog, our allergies and my daughters have been acting up and it’s been bad.
It’s time for Gunner to go to a family that can give him what he needs. Thanks for your help in advance in helping me find Gunner a new home!

Ps: Gunner is a 5 year old Czech Shepherd, full blooded, and was a police dog academy candidate.

You can contact Jesus about gunner directly at:

Phone: 1(520)833-6279

Email: jbanuelos6861@gmail.com