Pet Boarding Pricing

Pet Boarding Pricing can be challenging! Because it is not just about the price- it is about what you are going to get for your money! You should never disregard the fact that there are facilities of different quality and care of different levels!
Camino Verde Pet Resort, located on the South West side of Tucson, offers the best pricing in exchange for one of the best quality facility and services available in Tucson.
Our large 4×4 inside individual runs are accessible to your dog to his own 4×25 foot outside run. The outside is also roof topped providing shade. In- and outside is concrete floored for most sanitary cleaning and disinfection.
If your dog is on medical treatment or supplementation of any kind we will administer at no extra charge.


Effective April 1st 2022
Reservations before this date are honored the old pricing

One Dog per day $27.00
Two dogs, same owner in the same run $51.30
Three dogs, same owner in the same run $75.60
Four dogs, same owner in the same run $97.20

One cat per day $22.00
Two cats , same owner in the same room $41.80
Three Cats, same owner in the same room $61.60

Camino Verde Pet Resort charges by the day. Pick up and drop off at any time during business hours.

Make your reservation as early as possible online or phone 520-883-8464
You can also text to 520-419-0189!