Playtime with Lucy

Yesterday as I began my working day the very first thing I do is to feed all dogs who eat twice a day, as I was checking every kennel card to make sure I was feeding the right ones, I noticed Lucy had playtime scheduled. I continued with my routine and then proceeded to play with Lucy, I was surprised the way she guided me around the kennel as if it was her own home, I noticed she is a little old so I was happy to see how energetic she was as I imagined she would be at least 10 years old…. oh how wrong I was! It was until I took her back to her kennel that I noticed a piece of paper with all the specifications about her and where they made it to my knowledge she is not 10 years old.. she is 14 years old! It made me so happy to see a dog that old in such good care, a special congratulation to her owner. You have done a marvelous job with her, not only is she well trained to be on a leash and go to the bathroom outside, her health seems to be in excellent condition! ~ Vera Fuentes