Finding my vocation

Working with animals has always been a dream of mine, I've always felt the need to protect and care for any living being, from cats and dogs, to bunnies and prairie dogs. It was with this last one that I could actually say that I have found my vocation. It was a rainy Thursday, I was outside doing my regular work, when I see this little rodent run scared into a pipe. It immediately caught my eye because prairie dogs, even though they are around the kennel they do not come close to people. I went to see if something was wrong with her, she was scared and completely full of mud. It didn't look like she was hurt but she obviously wanted something from me, the only thing that past my mind at that moment was to give her a warm bath. So that's exactly what I did, she had her bath and I even tried to feed her some grass, it was until I let her free that I knew, being around animals is what I want to do for the rest of my life. As I was putting her down she was trying to run away from me, but once she was on the ground she didn't run, she stood there, looking at me with sweet eyes as if it was a thank you and a good bye. Now every time I see a prairie dog I remember that one special day. ~ Vera Fuentes