Groomer Cats and Dogs Southwest Tucson

About the best Groomer in Tucson at Camino Verde Pet Resort

My name is Chris,

I have been passionate about grooming cats and dogs for more than 30 years.
My mission is to make your dog look best when he goes back home.
“Best”, meaning that YOU feel best about his/her looks, as I always like to listen carefully to YOUR description of desired looks.
Maybe looking at his/her picture at the time he looked the way you like it, could be very helpful. Your happiness is my ultimate goal.
We all realize that trusting me with your pet is equivalent to your very own hairdresser or dentist.
Pets develop a relationship with the groomer, knowing him as much the groomer learns about the pet. It is a process of forming a good relationship and learn about each others’ behavior!

I am looking forward to be meeting you and your pet in person, to discuss your needs directly.
Call 520-883-8464 and arrange for an appointment now!
Your passionate groomer at all times