Dog grooming Discount

Are you looking for a discount on your next dog grooming at Camino Verde Pet Resort?

best prices on grooming in Tucson earn a discount through referrals

Camino Verde Pet Resort now offers a discount program that is based on your referrals!
The purpose of this program is to widen our customer base and be able to keep very affordable rates for your Pet’s grooming needs.
The three tiny steps that earn you a 10% discount at your next stay – here is how it works:
1) Simply take some of our business cards.
2) Write your name on the back
3) Talk about us at your next meeting with another dog lover that is NOT an existing client at Camino Verde Pet Resort- and hand out a card

The dog- / cat lover that makes his first grooming appointment brings the card with your name on it.
YOU have earned a 10% discount on your next grooming appointment, as well as he receives a 10% discount on his very grooming!