Our Team Camino Verde Pet Resort

Camino Verde Pet Resort is absolutely selective about choosing its staff members. Prospective staff members have to go through an extensive qualification process before joining our team. The quality of staff members should never be less than the quality of our top notch facility. There is nothing better for our clients to know that we, the owners , are trusting our staff with our own dogs!

Our current TEAM consists of:

Daniel Mueller
Daniel is the owner of Camino Verde Pet Resort LLC  since the entity has changed from sole proprietor to LLC. He oversees all administrative challenges as well as operations. Since he has been around dogs and cats all of his life, he is truly the best in making choices and decisions about care and training.
Email: daniel@cvpetresort.com



andreas-profile-pictureAndreas Mueller

Andreas is the co owner and head trainer. He is a Master Dog Trainer with over 30 yrs of experience, his ability is unmatched.  He studied dog psychology, making his approach to dog training very scientific and therefore most effective. He conducts private dog training sessions as well as small group classes.  With years of specialized experience breeding and training dogs, his knowledge is extensive.  Andreas is mainly the one person you will be speaking to when you call.
Email: andreas@cvpetresort.com


Vera Fuentes

Vera is the kennel manager at  Camino Verde Pet Resort and one of our puppy trainers. She is an extreme animal lover, and has a fetish for cleanliness! – It is great to have her as part of the TEAM!  Owning twelve cats herself makes her a very knowledgeable asset especially but not limited to our cat boarders! Vera also is of Hispanic descendant and speaks Spanish!

For assistance in Spanish dial : 520-403-2867
Email: vera@cvpetresort.com


Pet Boarding in Tucson Tamara Hall

Tamara has been a Kennel Tech at Camino Verde Pet Resort for four years. During this time, she has been trained to be your groomer, an art she loves. She has worked in this field for four years and worked at different subject related businesses before. Tamara decided after all – she decided to be a full time Groomer for Camino Verde Pet Resort. That’s where her greatest passion lays.

Call Tamara directly for grooming appointment: 520-312-9361
Email: tamara@cvpetresort.com

Certified Vet assistantNatalia Zarzyczny

Natalia is the Kennel Technician with additional certification as a Veterinarian Assistant at Camino Verde Pet Resort. She has a passion for animals and loves working with them, also owning two dogs of her own. She is adamant in making sure that your dogs are in good health as much as her own. Natalia has worked with us for one full year until she had to leave, dictated by family circumstances. She returned when she really felt how great her passion for the animals and the Camino Verde Pet Resort Team is.  Her final goal is to become an animal Trainer and a Veterinarian Technician with the final target of being a Veterinarian one day.
Call or text Natalia directly: 520-310-0237
Email: Natalia@cvpetresort.com